Missionary Sisters in Mugnano di Napoli



Good manners and schooling of children

The Institute of Expiatory Victims of the Blessed Sacrament is composed of missionary sisters in Mugnano di Napoli. From its beginning the institute has reflected the will of the mother founder Maria Cristina Brando, committed at the end of the nineteenth century to spread education and schooling to young women. In a frenetic society characterized often by the loss of the principles of faith, the sisters want to return to their origins and rediscover the strong and profound teachings of the Mother Founder, and spread them to the students.
The aim is to provide a high level of education, which is based on the will to spread good manners that respect Christian principles and that lays the foundations for high quality educational and personal training. The institute is managed directly by the consecrated sisters of the Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and includes the kindergarten, the primary school and the secondary school.

High-level education in a serene environment

The Institute of Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament provides modern and high-level school courses, with teaching methods that aim to bring up students over the years with many school activities. The institute includes large indoor and outdoor areas, where children and young people can take advantage of outdoor life, in a kind and serene environment, based on mutual respect and on the desire to create deep and important personal training for their future.
The teachings follow the directives of the Ministry of Education on the subject of education and associate high-level extracurricular activities with it. Children and young people can discover a simple and reassuring environment, features of the teaching and educational vocation of the founder Mother Maria Cristina Brando. The school is a state-recognized private school of nuns in Naples that goes beyond the meaning of equal education and completes its offer with the possibility of giving life to a profound and positive spiritual journey from an early age; the basis of a happy life and respectful of Christianity foundation.

Assistant Member

Facilities for older women

The Institute for Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament manages the old people’s home moved by a family vocation. These are homes where the housed women can use the 'community housing' service, located in the towns of Lusciano and Castel Campagnano in the province of Caserta. The houses aim to make guests feel welcome and comfortable, offering them the opportunity to interact and live in collaboration with the Sisters, who lovingly take care of all the old women.
The old people’s home welcomes women who are self-sufficient or partially self-sufficient. The nuns offer assistance, in a cordial and stimulating environment, good company and inspired by the sense of community.

Place of welcome and collaboration

The sisters of the Institute Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in the community and housing for the elderly provide guests with assistance twenty-four hours a day; the assistance is based on the Christian principle stated in Matthew's Gospel chapter. 25 "What you did to the least of my brothers so you do unto me". Here comes a mission that flows every day in a gesture rich in love which, inspired by the principles of the Mother Founder Santa Maria Cristina who lived at the end of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, whose main purpose was to share meals with poor people.


Villa Maria Cristina Brando Shelter - Rome

The Villa Maria Cristina Brando hotel is located in Rome (Via Cassia); it offers its guests a pleasant stay in surrounded by silence, serenity and peace.
The hotel is managed by the Sisters Victims Expiatory of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and it offers a wide parking (on request), garden with dining area and children's play area, recreation area with TV, bar and chapel.
All rooms (single, double, triple and quadruple) have TV, air conditioning and WI-FI internet access, full of light and comfortably furnished.


Missions Abroad

Asian continent

The Institute of Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament also carries out its mission abroad, dedicated to needy populations. The missions are moved by the profound principle "animated by the desire to make known who gave meaning and hope to our life, we turn with respect and friendship to all the seekers of God".
This spiritual pivot allowed the foundational charism to cross the ocean and reach the Asian continent, reaching as far as the Philippines and Indonesia.
In Manila there is a large complex that welcomes children suffering from all kinds of social problems. There’s an active project in the village of Cavite, with where there is a large school that welcomes pupils (kindergarten, primary and secondary school).
In the village Las Piñas welcomes lonely elderly people, and it focuses on training dedicated to young women who want to follow the charism of St. Maria Cristina.
In Indonesia (Ruteng), the missionary life is marked by the educational service in the kindergarten, welcoming children that are not so fortunate, nursed after with hot meals and all kind of supplies. On the spot there is also a training complex for young people and the care of the Church, where the hours are marked by the rhythms of the adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Latin America

The charism has also arrived in Latin America in the state of Colombia in Bogotá DC, where the sisters collaborate in the parish and work in the education and training of children in kindergarten; besides a chapel for adoration has been built and dedicated to the dissemination of adoration as a privileged stop at the feet of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

African continent

The apostolate reaches families and is committed to responding actively to their needs, supplementing with the organization of the kindergarten school which is chosen as the preferential field for the mission in favour of the weakest groups. In 2016 the charism has also arrived in African continent, in Burkina Faso, in the Tenkodogo 's Diocese where the sisters work in the diocese and in the local kindergarten, welcoming children of every condition of culture and where a chapel for adoration has been built, quickly becoming a heavily frequented place. Very important is also the commitment to the processing of the hosts, to the welcoming of the most unfortunate children, to the promotion of vocations and to the felt project of adoption of children at a distance.